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By Glue 'n'

F X F I G H T E R S HeaDPhonE

How this move listing Works:

T=Towards A=Away If theres a ???, It means we know it exists
U=Up D=Down But Dont know how to do it. *=New Move
+=At the same time. %=We Found a more appropiate Name
Punch/Kick Respectivly 11 New Moves Since v1.2, and 17 From v1.1

Dragon Uppercut - A,T,Punch
Backhand - A,Punch
Headbutt - U,Punch
Headkick - U,Kick
Kicking BackFlip - (Half circle towards),Kick
3-Hit Combo - T,A,Punch
Charging Punch - T,T,Punch
Twisting BackDive - U+Punch (Opponent Must Be Lying Down)
*Spinning HeadKick - T,T,Kick
*Cross Punch - D+Punch

Star Throw - A,T,Punch
Cheerleader Kick - A,T,Kick
Crane Kick - T,T,Kick
BackFlip - A+Kick
StepPunch - T+Punch
3-Hit Combo - A,A+Punch
*Screaming HighKick - T,Kick
*Quick Killer Kick - A+Kick

BackFlip - U+A+Kick
*CartWheel - T,T,Kick
DoublePunch - T,T+Punch
Scream & Punch - (Half Circle Towards)+Punch
*Air Lift - U+Punch (Must Be Touching Opponent)
*Ground Slam - T+Punch (Must Be Touching Opponent)
*Knee Throw - Back and Away + Punch

Charging Forarm - T,Punch
*Flying Bomb - A+Punch,(While Holding Punch press Towards)
Cross Punch - D+Punch
Spinning RoundHouse- U+Kick
RoundHouse - A+Kick
HandStand - Kick,D+A+Kick
2-RoundHouses - T,U,Kick
Telekinetic Push - T,D,T+Punch
Leg Slam - U+Punch (Opponent Must Be Lying Down)
*3-Hit Combo - T,B,Punch

Windmill Punch - T,T+Punch
Double Kick - T,T+Kick
Dive & Roll - A,T,Punch
Kick & Roll - A+Kick
Super High Kick - T+Kick
Helecopter - D+Punch
Head Crush - T+Punch (Must Be Touching Opponent)
Sky Drop - U+Punch (Must Be Touching Opponent)
%Super RoundHouse - D+Kick
%Stomach Dive - U+Punch (Opponent Must Be Lying Down)

Phsyco Punch - A,T,Punch
Charging Knee - T+Kick
Head Slap - U+Punch
Lifting Punch - T,T,Punch
FootStomp - T,T,Kick
Bear Hug - A+Kick (Must Be Touching Opponent)
Lava Breath - A,T,Kick
Mr. Pancake - U,Punch (Opponent Must be Lying Down)

Crawl Mode: (Down)
Shell Charge - A,T,Punch
Leg Dive - T,A+Punch
*Screaming 4Hit - A+U+Punch
Phsyco Punch - (Quarter circle Forward)+Punch
Phsyco Kick - (Quarter circle Forward)+Kick
Normal Mode:
Phsyco Cat - T,A,Punch
Claw 'n' Kick - A,T+Kick
Punching Wave - U+Punch
Reverse Catwheel - A,Kick
Spinning Kick - A+Kick
LegGrab & Flip - T,T,Kick
Grab & Flip - T,A,Punch

Double Punch - T+Kick
Punch&Kick - T,T+Punch
Spinning Kick - T,A+Punch
Flip - U,U+A,A
Venom Spit - A,T+P
Head Sock - U+T+Punch
Dinner Time - ???? (Must Be Touching Opponent)
*Eat 'm' Up - U+Punch (Opponent Must Be Lying Down)
*Leg Grab and Throw - A,T+Punch (Must Be Touching Opponent)

All moves should work as posted, If not, contact me at:
*AND* Glue at:

Prefered Settings for 486Dx2-66: (From Headphone)
Player Detail: HIGH
Textures: ON
Shading: ON


Floor Detail: HIGH
Floor Texture: FLAT
Screen Size: FULL

These are just my prefrences, and thought you might like them.

If you know any moves that arnt on here (There are alot), then Mail them to
Me at the above Internet address. Now go kick some ass.
By Glue 'n'

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